Promethean: Dare to Create

Promethean, a mixed media, envisions creativity’s fruitfulness masked in human form.

Promethean Mixed Media by JoDee Luna 960_640

Like the mixed media’s namesake, Prometheus, we receive fire, inspiration from heaven, and make something beneficial for humanity when we dare to create.

The name for the mask popped into my mind quite unexpectedly, and I couldn’t recall the meaning. When I looked up the definition, I chuckled. What a perfect name for this piece:

Promethean: of, relating to, or resembling Prometheus, his experiences, or his art; especially:  daringly original or creative*

I’ve listed the materials and technique below so you can try to make your own Promethean creation:


  • Wrapped canvas
  • Academy acrylic paints
  • Basics acrylic paints
  • Palette knife
  • Paint brushes
  • Plaster cloth
  • White tissue
  • Golden Regular Gel
  • “Tissue Old World Map” by Barnes & Nobles Inc


  1. Paint the eye with acrylics.
  2. Form the 3-D nose of the mask by layering crumpled tissue paper, adhered with Golden Regular Gel and plaster cloth.
  3. Cut “Tissue Old World Map” into wave-like shapes and adhere with Golden Medium.
  4. Paint accents on the tissue paper with acrylics.
  5. Mix Golden Regular (Matte) with white paint and use a palette knife to texture the white area of the mask.
  6. Create the cornucopia with tissue paper and acrylics.
  7. Paint the butterfly, fruit, and flower with acrylics.
  8. Add shading with burnt umber and raw umber acrylics.


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