Artist Angel

A dream of an angel that carried art canvases in his arms inspired this mixed media portrait.

At the time, I was struggling with whether I could paint on larger canvases. In the dream, the angel carried 20″ x 24″ canvases. The dream graced me with newfound courage to try that size. Remarkably, those 20″ x 24″ paintings I made after the dream sold one after another.

So I decided to paint an angel to thank the Messenger of Grace who inspired me to paint larger than I ever had before. I’ve since then grown into 24″ x 36″ as my favorite canvas size.

The golden pathway is a photo I took while on an evening walk. The pathway reminds me that these messengers from God pass between the heavenly and earthy realms in service to us humans.

The other photos are some of my favorite cloud shots I’ve taken while on plane flights or drives.

Artist Angel is 36″ x 24″ and for sale, so email me if you are interested:

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