Blossom Featured on Create with Joy Website

What an honor for Blossom to be featured on this week’s Create with Joy’s Inspire Me Monday post.Blossom featured on Create with Joy

Website creator and owner also left a very encouraging comment:

“What a beautiful painting!
I am stunned to learn that you have to start your site from scratch.
SO many incredible posts on your previous site – I hope they are not lost!

I’m pleased to share that you are one of our Featured Guests at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy. I hope that by spreading the word, I can encourage you and help you to recover from this setback!

Big hugs! :-)”

Create with Joy

Yes, starting a website from the ground up is daunting, so I greatly appreciate the encouragement of this wonderful woman and her blog followers. If you’re looking for some fresh creative ideas and projects, stop by Create with Joy!

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