The Giver Graces the Cover of an Ebook, Windows Across Oceans

Today was the book launch of Windows Across Oceans, an eBook in which nine women from around the world share their remarkable stories of overcoming. 

The Giver Graces Windows Across OceansI created The Giver to express the mission of literacy, a glorious burden shared by those who long to help people learn to read. Recently, Aliyah, the book’s editor, found my painting through a link on The High Calling and asked to use it for the cover of this book, along with my story. She explained that all proceeds would go to ministries that serve women globally, with a special focus on literacy for women in India.

Read about the Vision of the book and the book’s launch.

Windows Across Oceans Book Launch

Here’s some excerpts about the book from Aliyah’s website:

“In this E – Book, you will find truth, honest and vulnerable truth.
Some of these stories (in fact a lot of these stories) are being shared for the very first time. They are moments, pieces of someone’s life that is precious and valuable…The pages of these stories are also filled artworks and poetry…

Windows across Oceans is being made available for $5 a copy.
All the proceeds from this book will be donated towards  All Girls Allowed and  Open Doors Women’s Programs, to support our global sisters who desperately need a Love touch from Messiah. Be a part of this story, and grab a copy. Thank you so much for your Purchase!”

Click the Link to make a Secure Purchase Via PayHip (Paypal or Credit Card) 

Windows across Oceans – Our Book

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