Planning for the Future While Living in the Momment

What a wonderful balance life is of planning for the future while savoring the moment.

I’m futuristic by nature, according to my Strengths Finder profile: “You are a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and who cherishes those visions.” The profile goes on to say that people need a vision to “raise their sights and thereby their spirits,” so “…paint it for them…Make the picture as vivid as possible” (Rath 105).

Because I love to look into the future, I have to discipline myself to live in the present. I’ve also noticed that God speaks promises for the future but sends grace for the moment—an unexpected encouragement from a friend, the brilliant formation of clouds on an afternoon walk, the invitation to create that wells up within.

Both can be found in scripture and both are essential for living a purposeful life. The industrious ant in Proverbs 30:25 stores up for the future.

In Isaiah 40:31, we are admonished to wait on the Lord to renew our strength so we can mount up with wings like eagles.

The majestic eagle mounts up in a moment. My husband and I had the privilege of observing a hawk in flight while visiting the Renaissance Indian Wells. A hawk trainer showed us how to take this video while he cued his hawk to fly toward us:

There are times to be an ant and times to be an eagle. So I’ve been working on honing my planning skills, writing about what I envision my future to be, and taking time to enjoy every moment. Today I feel well-rested and at peace with my purposes, whatever they might be. And that, in my estimation, is grace.


*A special thanks to Cheryl Smith for introducing me to Strength Finders and to so many other resources for planning and living an inspired life!




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