A Self-Imposed Silence

A Self Imposed Silence_960The morning sun creeps up the wall of cloudy blue until it peeks through branches.

I sit in my art room in silence.

Eyes squint from the glare of new beginnings, a day fresh with possibilities.

I could fill these moments with music or ramblings of what I want, but the silence seems raw and pure and altogether lovely.

Too lovely to waste on worrying about what has not come my way.

Art Room Window 960

A self-imposed silence is a gift—a time for settling thoughts and calming fears.

A time when we dare to lay open our souls for change and our spirits for eternal perspective. For it is in the silence that we sense the subtle nudging of the Spirit.

And it is in the silence when we muster the courage to pray, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven..'”

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