The Seeker, an Acrylic Portrait

The Seeker is an acrylic portrait with penetrating eyes that search through your soul. The Seeker by JoDee Luna 150 res1166 A friend, Renee Elkins, expressed the mesmerizing effect she has on you: “Beautiful…I feel like she is looking into my heart and soul. She makes me want to always speak the truth to her…assuming she would speak to me of course!”

When is a painting finished? I don’t know what other artists might say, but for me, the finish wells up within. Sure, I still see the flaws that I’m certain could be corrected if the painting goes under the brush just one more time. Yet when the finish comes, the imperfections make me smile.

The Seeker inspires me to resist my compulsion for closure and perfection and that “just one more stroke.” She dares me to dabble in the unfinished, to accept life’s incomplete parts and to venture into the unknown.

The Seeker, an Acrylic by JoDee Luna

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