Awaiting Inspiration for 2015

I sit in my art room, waiting for inspiration…

An idea
A purpose worthy of my time
A face to grace the empty canvas

The New Year dawns, and I want to open wide to possibilities. Even though the wall before me reminds that God is able to inspire, the room feels like a barren womb.

Art Room Wall with Paintings 960_640

But there are reasons I resist the new, the hope of making something lovely.

If only I could better manage my time, I muse, excuses would not stand as sentinels, guarding the way to creative expression.

Yet all is not lost to rationalizing. There are signs of new life.


I have consistently found that the new is always preceded by a want to clean out the old, and that want has been strong lately.

Over the last few days, my husband and I have given in to the impulse to clean out crowded closets, to go through drawers stuffed full of worthlessness, and to tackle a garage bulging with the unused, trying to make room for the new. My husband took a truckload to the Salvation Army and then we took a truckload to some of our children. This morning my intent is to usher in the new, and so I write a few New Year’s resolutions that I believe I can do:

  • Hire a professional fine art photographer to capture high-resolution images of my art
  • Have reproductions made of my portraits so I can sell them
  • Finish a devotional for people who want more creativity
  • Add former posts to the new Refrain from the Identical website

My last two resolutions are far more difficult to practice, but I list them to boost my wherewithal:

  • Live spontaneously while planning diligently
  • Stretch out palms to receive grace—unmerited favor bestowed on the undeserving
  • Follow through with tasks I know I am to do

I decide to breathe in the words of Mary’s gratefulness, even though I haven’t had an angelic visitation or magnificent revelation:

“He has filled the hungry with good things…”

For I, too, am hungry for the “good and perfect gifts” God bestows.

Yes, I will sit in my art room, waiting for inspiration…

An idea
A purpose worthy of my time
A face to grace the empty canvas

What are your aspirations for 2015?

2 responses to “Awaiting Inspiration for 2015

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  2. I love your art room and what a beautiful thing to clear away what is unwanted and give it to others who want it. That is a project I have put on hold lately. I hope the inspiration that you seek finds you. I think my hopes for the new year are very much the same as last years hopes… I hope to make more progress on them this year…


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