The Burden Bearer: A Tribute to Caregivers

The Burden Bearer is an acrylic on canvas, reflecting those who care for others through prayers, encouragement, and service. The Burden Bearer's Eyes, Acrylic by JoDee Luna These are the people who not only make life hopeful but doable. Oceans by Hillsong inspired the wave over the eye. Often the path God leads us on feels frightening—like walking out upon the ocean amidst overwhelming waves. The Burden Bearer, Acrylic by JoDee Luna 12 So if you are a burden bearer, may you receive God’s grace to go on thorough this painting, song, and post! The Burden Bearer is part of a collection titled The Faces of Goodness and will become an inspirational book, featuring these paintings and other inspirational writings.


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7 responses to “The Burden Bearer: A Tribute to Caregivers

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    • John, thank you for the lovely complement! I’ve longed to paint for quite some time without a smidgen of talent for the task, so the unique expression that results from each portrait pleasantly surprises me.

      I feel privileged to know you as well. I have always appreciated your warm and open heart.


  2. Hi Slamdunk, so nice to have you visit my blog and leave an encouraging comment. I’ve been quite intrigued with portrait painting these last months, which has definitely made my writing suffer. So I’m glad the painting and post inspired!


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