Seasons of Silence

There are seasons of silence when the soul goes deep, crawling into a cocoon.

chrysalis Cropped 960 JoDee Luna

We feel the urge to withdraw. We yearn to silence the noise, to figure out the important, to explore the possible. And while in our cocoon, new beginnings crack open and sprout roots—fledgling desires that burrow into the unknown. When seasons of silence surround, we dare to set aside good so we can know God.

But during these seasons of silence, we often find ourselves besieged by doubt and shame:

Perhaps I’m being too selfish.
Maybe I should go to that __________.
I wonder if my reclusiveness disappoints God.

Yet if we surrender to the silence, our Creator will share His passion. Our stilled hearts will taste grace. Ideas for artistic expression will sprout and wind their way up until the sun kisses their cheeks.

Love Gives Freely Mixed Media Mixed_710

In time, the talents God intends for us will blossom, sending seeds of possibility into other gardens. And the most unsuspecting will find themselves overwhelmed with desire for a season of silence.





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