How to Make a Plaster Cloth Masquerade Mask

This post features how to make a plaster cloth masquerade mask.

Jester Mask Yellow Black Red

Here is a suggested supply list:

  • Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth
  • Sculpey polymer clay
  • Vaseline
  • Card stock

You will need to create a clay mask to use as a mold. Please refer to a previous post, “How to Make a Masquerade Mask.”

Step #1: Before baking your clay mask, press the mask on a flat surface and trace the mask onto card stock to create a pattern. Then use the pattern to trace five masks onto the plaster cloth.

mask pattern

Step #2: Cut the five masks from the plaster cloth.

mask cut plaster cloth

Step #3: Line the inner surface of the baked clay mask with vaseline so the plaster cloth will not stick.


Step#4: Briefly soak one of the plaster cloth pieces in warm water.

mask plaster cloth soak

Step #5: Form the plastic cloth to the inside of the clay mask.

mask plaster cloth mold

Step #6: Continue the process until all of the plaster mask cloths are formed onto the clay mask in layers.

mask plaster cloth mold2

Step #7 Smooth the layers with your fingers and let the layers dry, according to the product’s recommendations.

Step #8: Remove the mask from the clay mold. You can then sand the mask, using fine grain sand paper or leave the mask rough.

mask of plaster

Finally, enjoy painting and decorating your mask.

Jester Mask by Andrea Luna

*A special thanks to my daughter, Andrea Luna, for painting and decorating this mask!

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