Believe in Your Becoming

Perhaps the greatest challenge we artistic types face is to believe in our becoming.

Believe In Your Becoming by JoDee Luna

Sure, there are messy workspaces to organize, jam-packed lives to thin, and challenging skills to learn. All of which distract us and offer excuses to stop forward motion.

And I’m always wondering where my talents will take me instead of trusting in the process of becoming the artist God envisions. In fact, the longer I aspire to live a creative life, the more certain I am that the issue isn’t primarily a directional one but an internal one—a compulsion to control.

How ridiculous it is to think that we can control our creativity. I can’t explain why the urge to paint appears one day while the compulsion to write graces another. Sure, we can discipline to a point, but creativity is inherently wild.  How do you harness a free-spirited steed that sniffs at the wind and wants to roam freely? Creativity is our stallion of soul, resisting the reigns of direction, and born to evade the bit and bridle of our responsible selves.

So believe in your becoming, give yourself permission to create and to create without restraint. You don’t need to know where your creativity is going to make that new art form that is calling to you. You don’t need a purpose to explore those new acrylic paints you’ve purchased. You don’t have to have a reason to try an impromptu photo shoot.

God has a plan for your artistic self, so why not pursue what moves your soul until your becoming forms in you and exudes from you to inspire others?

Believe In Your Becoming by JoDee Luna

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