Use your Imperfect Talents

Use what talents you possess.
For the world would be very
silent if no birds sang
except those that
sang the best. –Henry Van Dyke

Create Mixed Media by JoDee Luna

Self-doubt is definitely one of the main culprits that keeps me from using my artistic talents. Pressure to be perfect discourages me from sharing them with others: I can’t put that painting online because I didn’t get the nose just right. Who really wants to read my inspirational posts? There are so many talented people in this world, my efforts seem flawed in comparison.

We may live in a world full of critics, but often we are the ones most hard on ourselves. So is it any wonder that we artsy types are hesitant to push through?

Yet this quote by Henry Van Dyke presents a different perspective. He likens the use of our imperfect talents to the contributions of birds to song. They join in a chorus that delights the ear and fills the world with melody. They don’t require special bird-singing schools or high levels of bird-singing talent before they can sing with other birds. They sing because God created them to sing and to not sing would be unnatural.

So it is with us humans. God created each one of us with special talents He is excited for us to develop and share.

When our children give us hand-created gifts, we don’t scold them and say: “Sally, you shouldn’t share your drawings with me until they are perfect!”

Of course not! We welcome their efforts and encourage their growth.

So if you find yourself hesitant to take that painting or dance class or insecure about giving something you’ve made away, reread this quote:

Use what talents you possess.
For the world would be very
silent if no birds sang
except those that
sang the best. –Henry Van Dyke

The message will empower you to continue writing or painting or dancing or doing whatever imperfect endeavor you have in your heart to pursue.

And I can assure you that your courage will not only encourage others to continue, but inspire some to begin!


For more inspiration, select this photo link below:



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