Art is the soul made visible

Art is the soul made visible…

Dream Eye by JoDee Luna

the spirit tangible…
the unseen possible!

Lately I’ve been contemplating the transformative power of art. How amazing that something envisioned can come to life through an art form!

There are other benefits as well. For example, when you can’t find words to express your feelings, artistic expression can become your soul’s voice.

Believe in Your Becoming Mixed Media

I’ve gone through a befuddling shift from mostly using words to often creating art. Once a writer whose soul escaped through her pen, my imagination and emotions now find gentle expression through the tip of a paint brush.

For example, painting portraits provides a way for me to connect with my Creator who makes the unseen possible. Whether noble character traits I’ve longed to possess, divine purposes I’ve desired to accomplish, or changes I’ve striven to make, painting seems to release God’s grace. I’ve especially felt drawn to painting eyes because eyes are the window of the soul.


So if you’ve found yourself hunting for words to express what’s going on inside, try taking up an art form to make your soul visible!

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