The Nursery’s Magic: When Being is Enough

A stillness blankets the nursery while I rock baby to sleep.

The only sounds are gentle pats and hush-filled whispers.

The sliding rocker glides back and forth as she nestles sweetly in my arms, her tiny hand fingering folds of flannel.

In this moment, we don’t have to be anyone or do anything except rock. In this moment, we are enough—baby and Grammy, soothsaying away our have to’s and must do’s.

While in the nursery, I stop fighting my failures…I cease striving to change. I only try to find words to describe the magic.

While in the nursery, I learn to trust, to let my emotions well into pools of reflective thinking. My eyes blur as gratefulness stirs and bubbles to the surface.

While in the nursery, I savor the moment my granddaughter is small in my arms. For I know that babies grow up far too fast and soon she will want to explore her world. Before I know it, she will venture out into the unknown, challenging those dreams her parents have for her.

But while in the nursery, we rest in our Heavenly Father’s arms. We rest in His purposes for our lives. We rest in His ability to mold and shape us into what He envisions we can be. We need not worry about wasting away the day. We live for the moment, neither grieving the past nor pondering the future.

And when the weight of her tiny body sinks deep into my chest, I slowly rise and lay her in her crib. I snap a photo to remember this moment. So when days fill with obligations and I am tempted to exchange faith with fear and rest with relentlessness, I will recall the nursery’s magic. I will reminisce lessons learned from this time when being is enough!

Amidst stuffed animals and a music box that plays Evergreen, I’m graced with fresh perspective. I have an inkling as to why Peter Pan beckons Wendy and her brothers to fly away into Neverland from a nursery. Nurseries possess a magic of sorts, inviting the body to rest, the heart to feel, and the mind to imagine.

Nursery rhymes, story books, and dancing mobiles stir one to dream, to believe that a trip to Neverland is possible, wherever and whatever your Netherland might be. And when you believe you are enough, you dare to fly!



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