Seasons of the Soul

Seasons invites us to celebrate life’s changes with confidence, knowing there truly is …a time for every purpose under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

A woman’s face covers each quadrant of the mixed media background I created with my personal photography.

Each section resonates with images reflective of a particular season in nature and of the soul:

Winter of the Soul

  • A garden angel with broken arm for those winters of the soul when brokenness drives us to put roots deeper into God in search of sustaining grace.
  • The last rose of summer covered with snow crystals when life’s difficulties blanket our becoming with icy trials and testing.
  • The Christmas season visualized with a Santa in a yard fully engulfed in a snow storm while the viewer gazes out the window; mug of hot chocolate in hand and crackling fire in the fireplace.

Springtime of the Soul

  • The frozen ground of the heart thaws, ushering in a season of planting seeds of purpose.
  • A time when the soul blossoms like the flowers that teem with life in the mixed media’s photos.
  • When we venture outside of our busy lives to stop and smell the roses.

Summer of the Soul

  • The coastline calls with sandy beaches, crashing waves, and gentle walks along the shore.
  • Families gather under and around umbrellas to sip the sweet nectar of togetherness.
  • All we’ve worked so hard to plant and cultivate begins to form, empowering us to venture out into oceans of possibility.

Fall of the Soul

  • Leaves turn hues of cranberry red, burnt sienna, and raw umber.
  • Weather cools as candlelight dances among pumpkins and berries in table top displays.
  • Our soul senses winter approaching and we ready to withdraw from activity and press deeper into God’s destiny for us.

Visit my Etsy Shop to buy the original painting or my Fine Art America Shop to buy reproductions. Thank you for visiting and have an inspired day!

– JoDee Luna









5 responses to “Seasons of the Soul

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    • Wow, what an encouraging perspective! You put my sentiments into words. The story goes so far back for me, actually to childhood, and continues throughout my life. I’m so happy to hear that the message I intended came through!


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