The Steady

It’s the steady that gets things done!

Stairway to Paradise

Not the rush nor the worry, not even the want.

It’s the set your face like flint, put your shoulder into it, press forward slowly, but surely, kind of tenacity that tackles the towering tasks.

I have to remind myself of this as I glance over the landscape of my home to see Christmas decorations half-taken down and boxes of photo frames hungry for the walls.

“Don’t get discouraged!” I coax. “Just keep moving forward!”

Recently, I helped my 17-month granddaughter climb a flight of stairs.

“Put your muscle into it!” I teased.

“Umph! Urg!” I added for effect.

“Umph! Urg!” She echoed.

The stairs must have looked like a mountain through her little eyes, but she never gave up, never sat down and sulked. She just kept keeping on until we reached the top.

She reacted the same way when we took a walk along the beach. She hadn’t a clue how far we would go, but she was all in for the journey. I sure wish I had her attitude when it comes to sticking with my plans.

Whether cleaning up after Christmas, writing books, or painting portraits, it’s the steady that gets things done when I set my New Year’s Resolutions before me.

Whatever your dreams, your hopes, your longings, if God put them into your heart, then you’ve got the incentive you need to put some muscle into the attempt.

Maybe your ambitions aren’t so lofty. Perhaps you just want to organize some messy drawers or update your home decor. Perhaps your longing is to try your hand at sketching or learn how to play the guitar.

As the New Year opens far and wide, remember it’s the steady. That’s how to get things done!

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