Sunrise and Sunset Mixed Media Portraits

Life fills with new beginnings and contemplative endings!

Sunrise and Sunset visualize those seasons of life when we explore and when we settle.

Sunrise-Here’s to new beginnings, exciting adventures, and illuminated paths (Psalm 119:105). She invites the viewer to journey into the unknown, to take calculated risks, to delve into and discover passions for life, travel, and art!

Sunset-At the end of the day, a journey’s close, or in the sunset of life, we reminisce memories, ponder purposes, and marvel over irreplaceable moments. Her eyes penetrate the soul, asking those unanswered questions: Did you stop to savor the moment? What have you gleaned from your journey? Have you dared to pursue your God-given purposes?

The photography that graces the background is a collection from my children and my travels from around the world. The spirit of these two ladies draws forth something deep inside that knows there’s something more!






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